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Spirit of 76 Sky Lanterns - Gold Sparkler Bamboo 8in. (72 Sparklers)

Sparklers | SP105-P

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These beautiful 8 inch gold sparklers burn for 30 seconds. The handles are made from bamboo for increased safety. Everyone wants sparklers! 12 boxes with 6 sparklers per box, for a total of 72 sparklers.

Piece Price: $0.83 Pc.

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Spirit of 76

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 Posted by   |   October 25th 2012

The last wedding I shot I used sparklers in the bride and groom exit, and it was one of the best set of photos in my portfolio. ISO 1600, f4, 1/50 seemed to work best if there are any other photographers reading this. Great place to buy sparklers year round. Shipping was fast.