4 Things to Splurge on for Your Reception

May 29, 2015

by Laurel Critchfield


Wedding Food Photo courtesy of JC Creative Works

No matter what kind of food you choose for your big day, a classic sit-down dinner, a buffet style, a dessert bar, or whatever else suits your style, make sure it's quality. Food is a big thing that your guests will remember from your event. An Irish Proverb says "Laughter is the brightest where the food is the best." Good food, which you may have to splurge on, will make your event the best it can be.



A big part of your event is the music you choose. Whether you decide to go with a band or a DJ or some other alternative music method, the music you play will set the mood for the whole reception. A common complaint at weddings is that no one is dancing. This all comes back to the music. If the music is good and the bridal party is dancing, chances are guests will dance as well.


Pauline Millard Videographer Photo courtesy of Pauline Millard Videographer

Many people, when planning their weddings, don't think about a wedding videographer. They usually book a wedding photographer, but the wedding video falls through the cracks. A video is one of the best ways to capture and remember your wedding. Even the people that do have wedding videos forget about getting a video of the reception. This is another mistake. The actual wedding ceremony is very important to get on video, but your reception is where you're going to get the most candid video. Plus, who doesn't love a video of your friends and relatives dancing crazy?

Fireworks/Sparkler Exit

Your reception exit is such a big moment of your wedding day. It's when your friends and family get to see you off on your honeymoon and wish you the best in married life. Sparklers and fireworks have become very popular for reception exits. It's important to get high quality fireworks or sparklers in order to make this event the best it could be. You want wedding sparklers, which don't produce smoke, because they are the best for photographs. You also need to make sure that you get sparklers that will last long enough for your exit. WeddingSparklers.com's #20 Gold Wedding Sparklers last one minute and 40 seconds, which is a great length for a sparkler exit. Multi shot fireworks also make a great reception exit; just make sure your venue allows them. Spirit of 76 Fireworks offers wedding fireworks displays choreographed by a professional fireworks display operator. Contact Spirit of 76 Fireworks at 573-447-1776 if you are interested in having a professional display at your wedding.




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