2016 Wedding Trends

June 20, 2016

By Mackenzie Kleinman

We are in the height of wedding season, ladies and gents. This is the time of year when the best wedding trends are starting to appear and we've narrowed down our favorites of 2016. With much deliberation, here is a list of the trends that we have spotted over the past few months.

Long Tables
More and more are people are moving away from traditional eight seater circular tables to different approach. A lot of people are opting for a few long tables, which have a few benefits to them. For one thing, it gives guests more freedom to choose where they sit. With longer tables, people are just assigned to one table so the there no specific people they have to sit near. They can make new friends and you don't have to worry about seating charts. It's a win win situation. Long tables also leave more room for people walk instead of having to bob and weave around a whole bunch of tables. If you don't want to commit to only long tables, there are a ton a brides who choose to mix and match tables. Some rectangular and long, some square and small, and some circular have been seen around weddings.

Succulents have made their way into the hip trendiness and have now made their way into wedding trends. I've seen succulents been used as centerpieces (see alternative centerpiece post), decoration, and even in bouquets and boutonnieres. I think that the plants are just so much more original than flowers and would fit perfectly with an earthy boho wedding.


Pop of Color
With the monochrome color trend still in full speed from 2015 wedding trends, more and more brides are choosing strategic pops of color throughout the wedding. I know, "pop of color" sounds a tad vague. But that's because it is. You have so much freedom to choose what YOUR pop of color is, also making it unique to each bride. Maybe your pop of color is in your bright blue shoes or maybe it's your bright bouquet filled with bright oranges and vibrant pinks. Whatever you choose will be beautiful.


Naked Cake
I am OBSESSED with this trend. If you have ever heard of Momofuku Milk Bar in NYC, then you have seen the mother of all naked cakes, the birthday truffle cake. A "naked" cake, is a cake that have layers with icing between them, but no icing around the cake covering the layers. If you are a bride that isn't a fan of icing but wants the cake, this might be a great option. I promise it doesn't look ugly, naked cakes have a type of natural beauty to them. This cake is perfect for any wedding, from rustic to black tie. 

Sparkler Send-Off
#duh. Sparkler send-off has been a trend for a while now and we don't see it going anywhere anytime soon. There is just something so fun and romantic and leaving through a tunnel of sparklers surrounded by your friends and family. This pictures of a send-off are always amazing and it's a must for your wedding. 


Daring Backs
This wedding dress if something I've always been behind (lol). I have been seeing tons of dresses with bare backs that still look elegant rather than risque. I have seen some with low v in the back or large scoop in the back. I personally love the wedding dress I have seen that are lace, form-fitting, with a high-ish neckline, long sleeves, and the a deep open back.


Unique Guest Books
Recently couples have been choosing to have unique guest books for people to sign instead of the traditional book-and-sign shabang. Some that I have seen include signing a puzzle piece, signing a globe, and even signing a guitar. Having a different kind of guestbook is a great opportunity to have something that you and your fiance both bond over.


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