3 Ways to Use Sparklers at Your Wedding

June 1, 2016

By Mackenzie Kleinman  

If anybody knows me, they know I love weddings. I follow about fifteen different wedding twitter accounts and have about 4 different wedding Pinterest boards. I just love looking at the different themes, dresses, and pictures. Some of my favorite wedding pictures I've seen have been with sparklers. I love the whimsicality of them and also uniqueness of it. Here are a few way to incorporate sparklers into you wedding.

Send Off

Courtesy of Captivating Weddings

 Photo by Kandi Kodges

Instead of doing the traditional "throwing of the rice send off" sparklers are unique alternative. As guests arrive to the reception, have multiple jars laid around with a sign saying "Take One! Send Off At 8:00." Then your guests will be able to see where they are without having to grab one and hold onto it for the rest of the night. As the send off time nears, guests can grab a sparkler and line a tunnel. As they are all lit, you are your now husband will run down together through a tunnel of sparking light and all of your friends and family around you. Pictures of this are always so beautiful that I think it's a must.




 Courtesy of SFgirlbybay

If you choose to have a photobooth or photo station of some sort at your wedding, sparklers would be such a fun and different idea to put in. Along with other props such as silly hats, glasses, other accessories that most photo booths have, sparklers would be so unique to your photo booth. I take picture with my friends all they time and we love to pose with sparklers. They are just so fun and you can't help but laugh with your friends as you try to squeeze in those last few pictures before the flame runs out! The sparkler would be so fun to pose with and your guests would leave with memorable pictures for themselves.

Bride and Groom Pictures


Photography by Chellise Michael Photography



Photo by Lamb and Lark

Here is where we hit classic fairytale looking pictures. There are so many different ways to use sparklers in your pictures especially when using an over exposure camera which will outline where ever the sparkler goes in the picture. There are so many beautiful examples but above are a couple of my favorites




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