4th of July Wedding

June 22, 2015

by Laurel Critchfield 

For military couples or couples who are simply very patriotic, an America themed wedding may be the best option. This would work very well for weddings held on or near July 4th!

Having a 4th of July wedding would be great because your family is already gathered together. You and your husband-to-be will be able to celebrate an important holiday with both of your families and friends. You also get to celebrate your anniversary each year with fireworks!

You have a couple great options for your bridesmaids' attire. If your colors are red, white and blue - traditional 4th of July colors - then you could put your bridesmaids in red or blue short dresses. An empire waist short dress flatters most body types, plus using bold colors like red or blue would enable your girls to wear them again and again! The men could wear black or navy suits with red or bright blue bow ties. If the dresses and ties matched, the looks would be perfect together.

The 4th of July has such iconic food, and a 4th of July wedding would be no different. For the main meal you could have the classic hamburgers and hot dogs, or you could be a little unique and have sliders for the meal. You could have a French fry or potato chip bar, with lots of different flavored fries or chips.

Patriotic colors make for great cakes. Strawberries and Blueberries on a white cake are the perfect subtle 4th of July look. Or if you would like to make a bigger statement, you could go with a plain white cake with a hidden American flag inside. You can find directions with how to make one here.

Another way to incorporate your colors into your wedding is through your punch or cocktails. There are many different red, white and blue punches and cocktails. You can ask your bartender for specific drinks or you can find patriotic cocktail recipes here.

You can create an overall patriotic environment with red, white and blue décor. For the flowers you can choose any red and white flowers and put them in blue vases or clear vases with blue water. You can also decorate the venue with American Flags. The flags are also great for photos! If that's not your style, you could go with vintage Americana décor.

Lastly, one of the most important ingredients for a patriotic day is the pyrotechnics. Spirit of ‘76 Fireworks can make the end of the night a 4th of July to remember. The '76 Pro Line Peonies would make the perfect show for your big day. The R/W/B Peony has great patriotic colors with big breaks and has 36 shots in 25 sec. A case of these would make a perfect finale.

Using some of these ideas, while putting your own spin on it, will make the best patriotic wedding a bride could ever ask for. Just don't forget the perfect finale!



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