Band vs DJ

June 7, 2016

By Mackenzie Kleinman 
Ah, the age old question, "Do you get a band or a DJ for my wedding?" Alright maybe it's not the "age old question" but it's an argument I have in my head constantly. With that being said, I'm not planning a wedding anytime soon; however, I've had my wedding planned right down to the table settings for years now. Therefore, I think I'm pretty qualified to tackle this question. This choice of entertainment is important because the vibe of the music could make or break a reception. If people are getting bored or maybe the music is just too much and overwhelming, then your guests aren't going to have fun at the reception. But I have a few factors to help you decide what to do.
 What you first have to think of is, of course, what you want, but also about your guests. One important factor of mine is determining if the reception the reception going to be large or small? The reason I say that his is my determining factor is because if it's a small reception I would go for a band and if it's a large reception you go for the DJ. At your wedding, you want people up and dancing; you want them to be having as much fun as possible. A band is the best option for a smaller wedding to accomplish this. With a band, you have a lead singer interacting with a crowd and when you have a smaller reception, you need that. You are getting your money's worth out of band because of the attention he will give your guests, playing off of their vibes. When you have a DJ, he or she is focused into putting on the next song and changing the levels and all of that stuff. He's not interacting with the crowd. However, a DJ might be able to offer more than a band music wise. A DJ can jump from fast to slow to hip hop to country very quickly. There isn't one person continuously singing so the vibes are always changing on the dance floor. I personally would do a DJ for a large reception because you aren't paying for him to be interactive with your guests, you are paying him to get them moving and to play the songs that you and your guests want to hear. Obviously, these factors are not set in stone. If you feel like you should have a string quartet for your reception, go for it! If you want to hire Avicii (lol I wish) for your big day, that's expensive, but also great! Whatever you decide to do your big day will still be special regardless.


Photo courtesy:
The Wedding Singer    Avicii 




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