Food Bars for Your Wedding

June 17, 2016

By Mackenzie Kleinman  

Honestly, the best type of bars are the ones with food on them, so why not just a food bar at your wedding! Guests love them as appetizers and something to snack while dancing after the main meal. Here are a few food bar stations that I think would be great at any wedding.

Ice Cream Bar

I scream, you know the rest. An ice cream bar would be such a sweet treat for an outdoor summer wedding. On a table set off to the side, have a few basic flavors, like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, along with oodles of toppings set out like sprinkles, chocolate chips, and gummy bears. The only thing about and ice cream bar is that it can get messy. Ice cream drips everywhere, it gets onto peoples stuff, and it's an obnoxious clean up. I suggest hiring one or two people to serve the people who come up to the bar to minimize ice cream drippage.

Candy Bar

We've all heard of Dylann's Candy Bar, but the candy bar at your wedding is going to be way sweeter. Set up a table with towering jars of you and your fiance's favorite types of candy. You can even label the candy by whose pick is whose. Put clear plastic bags at the ends of the table for guest to fill with all the candy. This is such a great idea especially if you are expecting kids at your wedding!


S'mores Bar

If you are having a rustic, outdoorsy wedding, a s'mores bar may be a great option. Set out sterno cans in the center of the table with the traditional s'mores makings: graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. To keep the toasty camp vibes, have some hot cocoa along with some spiked hot cocoa for the adults to enjoy as well.


DIY Grilled Cheese

This is by far my favorite option. Set up a grilled cheese station with different types of cheese and bread for guests to choose from. Also set out other toppings like tomato, onions, jalapeno, and any others that people might like. Set out cups of tomato soup along with it as the perfect pairing. If you plan to have a longer reception with dinner at the beginning, then this grilled cheese bar might be the perfect idea as a snack station towards the end of the night. People will start to work out an appetite after talking and dancing for hours.


Popcorn Bar

There's a ton of different ways that you could do a popcorn station. One way is to set out popcorn and have different toppings and butter to put on it. One trend that started "popping" up in recent years is flavored popcorn. There's companies that actually sell hundreds of flavors of popcorn from fruit flavored to pickle flavor! Set of different types of popcorn with clear plastic bags. Guests can scoop their favorite flavors and munch on the popcorn throughout the night!




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