How to Capture the Perfect Sparkler Pictures

June 23, 2016

By Mackenzie Kleinman

We tend to be very big proponents of sparkler wedding pictures here at Wedding Sparklers. Whether it's a send-off picture or bride and groom picture, we are behind it! If you have read any of our blog posts, then you have seen that many of them include those type of pictures. I have talked a lot about how these type of sparkler pictures are fantastic and what not, but I haven't done any post that tells you how to take them. Well, this is that post. If you have a wedding photographer take your portraits (something I HIGHLY recommend), I am assuming that they will know how to take them no brainer. Side note: if you have a photographer and plan to do these for your wedding, make sure that your photographer is experienced in taking sparkler pictures. However, maybe you would like to recreate them one day, and here is post to help you out.   

What you will need first and foremost is a DSLR camera with a BULB setting and a tripod. The BULB setting is a low light setting that will also make the shutter easier to function. You are going to want to do this at night or else you won't be able to see the sparks. First on your camera, you will want to change the aperture, or f-stop, to a very high number, making the lens hole smaller (I know it confused me, too). The smaller the hole, the less light enters the lens, making everything in the photograph more focused. On the the websites I have looked at, most recommend a f-stop of 6-10. A higher f-stop will also create a larger depth of field (I highly recommend research and comparing picture with various f-stop settings in order to see what you would be dealing with). Next, you want to make sure that the ISO, or image sensor, is at a low number. This will make your camera less sensitive to light. It is recommended to put the ISO at around 100. Keep in mind the higher the sensitive puts the photo at risk for "noise." "Noise" is the static or grain you may see in some pictures. Lastly, put the shutter speed at 25-30 seconds. You want to write you ever you want while holding the shutter down and ones the models finish their writing, let go of the shutter.

Also, don't forget that you will want to put the focus on "manual" so that your camera isn't constantly trying to focus. An easy way to gauge the focus is to have whoever you are shooting hold their phone shining on their face, focus from there, and shoot like the wind! Again, be prepared to do A LOT of trial and error. All of these settings might not be perfect for your specific camera or setting.

One picture I highly recommend you try to capture is having you and your husband both use a sparkler to draw half a heart to make a whole (aw!). With that, you might want to try spelling out a few words like "love," "just married," or "the (enter last name)." All of these would come out really good! One last picture you should attempt is have you and your husband looking at each other and in some form of embrace and then have a friend run around y'all with a sparkler to create a spiral-cage-like-fairytale deal. 

Now get ready to have most beautiful pictures of you and your husband on your wedding day. Happy photographing!

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