Iconic Wedding Dresses

July 1, 2016

By Mackenzie Kleinman  

Grace Kelly
When you think of wedding dress style you think of Grace Kelly. Her marriage to the Prince of Monaco was iconic in itself, but her dress is iconic enough. It even has its own wikipedia page. Everything about is so glamourous in the most humble way possible. Some have said it was what inspired the Duchess of Cambridge's gown.


Princess Diana
I remember when I was about 10, there was an exhibit in Houston of all of Princess Di's notable outfits. At the very end of the exhibit in the middle of the room was her wedding dress with its famous great long train behind it. The designers of the dress, David and Elizabeth said that it was a dress that needed "to go down in history." Because of her dress, puffed sleeves became a noticeable style in wedding dresses.


Kate Middleton
Like Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, Also wore a very iconic wedding dress. It showed tradition with its full skirt but modernity with its tight bodice on the top. The Designer of the dress Sarah Burton, designer at Alexander McQueen, was a secret until the moment Kate arrived at her wedding, causing a flurry of speculations leading up to the wedding day.


Carrie Bradshaw
Even though it was in a movie, Carrie Bradshaw Vivienne Westwood dress still deserves a stop on this list. Gifted to Carrie from Vera herself because she said it belonged to her after Carrie's photoshoot. This dress was so fantastic I wish she was able to get married in it.


Solange Knowles
Solange was literally a show stopper in her wedding outfit. Her flaring jumpsuit with a daring neckline was such a statement and so her I couldn't not keep it off this list. If you didn't follow Beyonce at the time, she was rapid firing out instagrams of the wedding party and they were nothing short of amazing.

Kim Kardashian (2nd wedding)
Although her gown for her first wedding wasn't drab, her dress she wore to marry Kanye West was just beyond gorgeous. Lace from head to toe, the tightly fitted gown reflected her personality in a classy way.


Kelly Cuoco
Cuoco different;y strayed from traditional with her dress. Her's had the ball gown aspect but instead of in classic white, she decided to do a daring hot pink. Her wedding also featured and upside-down wedding cake so a hot pink dress wasn't the only crazy thing at her wedding!


Yoko Ono
Yoko Ono wedding dress was exactly like who she is, different. For her nuptials to John Lennon she wore a white mini dress paired with knee socks, white felt hat, and large sunglasses. Her husband also chose with for suit.


Audrey Hepburn
Even though Hepburn had three iconic wedding dresses each from separate marriages, I chose her second wedding dress, designed by Pierre Balmain. Audrey Hepburn was wearing Balmain before the Kardashian started be the walking breathing advertisers for it. Her dress was so simple yet so elegant, it will forever remain one of my favorites.


Queen Elizabeth
Inspired by Botticelli's "primavera" Queen Elizabeth's is regal, yet unique. My favorite part of the ensemble is her veil, which has detailed embroidery with underwater illusions like starfish to mimic the famous painting that inspired it.


Amal Clooney
There's actually no words on how much I fangirl over Amal Clooney. She gives the term "girl power" a whole new meaning, so obviously she would need a wedding dress as great as her. She and George make literally make up the #1 power couple in the world. 

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