Repurposing Your Dress

July 12, 2016

 By Mackenzie Kleinman 

Many brides dream about a wedding dress at a young age, if it would be a ball gown, lace or silk. What we never really think about what do we do with the dress after the wedding. We spend so much time and energy finding the perfect dress and even more money paying for the dress and we never think of what to do with it after the wedding. It's not like you're planning on wear it again after your wedding. So, here are a few ideas of what to do with your wedding dress after the wedding.

1. Shadow Box
If you are crafty, one idea is to make a shadow box with your invitation and include a piece of your wedding dress in it. A shadow box is a shallow box frame that decorated with jewelry or memorabilia with a transparent (glass) front. I love this idea because with the shadow box, you can put it anywhere in your house and have a little bit of your wedding as a part of your decor. If you love this idea but don't trust making it yourself, you can send it to a company that makes them.

2. Make it into a necklace
This works best if your dress has some lace in it, but making your dress into a necklace would ensure that you wear it for years! I have seen a lot with lace put on a black silk base, which I am a bigger fan of. Chockers are also a very "in" statement piece so you'll be trendy too! If your dress isn't lace, maybe use some fabric to make a pendant with it and matching earrings!

3. Preserve it
Maybe you want your dress to be handed down to your daughter or daughter-in-law; in which case, you'll want to preserve your dress. There are specific ways in which to preserve the dress so it won't yellow or deteriorate in anyway. There are also certain companies that will preserve your dress for you.

4. Donate it
This is one of my favorite ideas, donating your dress so a bride who can't afford a dress can have one. Brides Across America is one organization that specifically takes donated wedding dresses, and there a ton more you can find. After your wedding and you are thankful for everything in your life, it feels good to give something back.

5. Use the fabric for throw pillows
Another crafty idea for your dress is to use the fabric to make throw pillows! I like this idea because any type of dress could be repurposed for this. You and your husband could use these pillow on your bed or in the living room, whatever works!

5. Trash it
This idea might not be the most popular one, but I think it's the most creative one! Have a fun photo op with you dress by completely trashing it! Whether it be crawling through mud or splatter painting it, the pictures and experience would be memorable.



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