Unconventional Wedding Dress Styles

June 9, 2016

By Mackenzie Kleinman 

One of the biggest moments when planning a wedding is choosing your wedding dress. You try on a ton of dresses for what seems like forever. Just when you are about to give up, you find THE ONE. But what does THAT dress look like? Is it long and a white, or is it something totally unconventional? Is the big white pastry looking wedding dress not your thing? Here are a few alternative, yet awesome wedding dresses to keep in mind when looking at dresses for your special day.



What that I love about ombre is that it seems so summery and fun to me. It's such a creative way to incorporate your wedding colors (or even your something blue!) as well. Most of the dresses I have seen usually start with a color at the bottom of the dress and then fade into white up the dress; however I have seen a few funky ones that start with the color on top and fade into white as you go down the dress which as are also super cute. Or if you want a little taste of ombre but don't want to change your dress, try an ombre dipped veil instead!



Skirt and Top Set 

The skirt and shirt combo has been in style recently, just the past few years, and think its finally reached to the wedding dress. Usually this type of wedding ensemble includes a shorter or cropped top with a full skirt to keep with the traditional wedding dress style.  I love the break at the midriff because it adds a very boho look and also some edge compared to the traditional dress.



Wedding Suit 

Who could forget the skirt suit that Carrie Bradshaw wore to marry Big in the Sex in the City movie? Off-white metallic suit jacket paired with a matching skirt was definitely unconventional, but still amazing and elegant. However, I don't think all of us have royal blue Manolo Blahnik shoes to wear with it. The wedding suit is definitely a sophisticated choice!




Coming from someone who isn't usually in favor of the floral print, I have to show respect to the floral wedding gown. There are so many ways to incorporate floral into your wedding dress whether the flowers are 3D or if they are printed onto the fabric. What I love about floral is that you can go as crazy or as conservative as you want. You can have colorful flowers featured on your dress, or simple cream embroidered flowers featured on it.



If there is one thing in the world that I think are complete opposites are the color black and a wedding dress. But you know what they say, opposites attract I guess. The brides I have seen that choose a black dress completely rock it. I've seen all black dresses and also dresses with black accents which I also love! It's sort of like getting the best of both worlds, the traditional white and the edgy black. There's no doubt that the bride in this picture looks breathtaking in that dress!




Long dress not your thing? You can look just as elegant in a short little number. Especially if your wedding is in the summer, you might not want to be sweating up a storm during your vows; so, a shorter dress might be a better choice for you. Keep in mind that a short dress is going to give off a more casual vibe so decide on the attire before you get your heart set on a short dress. If you want a black tie wedding, you aren't going to want your guests looking more formal than you. I have also heard of brides having a long traditional dress for their ceremony and then change to a shorter, yet still elegant and beautiful shorter dress for the reception. 



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