Wedding Planning Series: Bridesmaids

March 21, 2016


When I first got engaged we decided that since we had a lot of time before the wedding (more than a year and a half) we would take it easy on planning at the beginning and just enjoy being engaged. However, the one thing that I wanted to do right away was ask my bridal party. I wanted my bridesmaids and my maid of honor to be able to participate in all of the planning so I wanted to ask them early.

I had heard all the horror stories of asking your bridal party too early and running the risk of not being close with them by the time of the wedding, but in my case all of these people have been in my life for several years. One is my sister. One is my cousin. One is my sorority sister and roommate. The other two have been my best friends since high school - one even set me up with my fiancé and helped him pick out my engagement ring!

I spent a lot of time shopping around trying to find cute things to use to ask them. I knew that I wanted to give them little gift boxes with a couple of little things that showed that I really appreciated them and wanted them to be part of my day. I also really wanted them to be able to use everything, even the box so I really wanted it to be pretty.

I found these boxes at Michaels. They were originally just under $8, but I had a coupon for 20 percent off my entire purchase so they were really affordable. I also got some sand paper and some darker wood stain and my fiancé spent a couple hours sanding and staining them. It was really fun and easy, saved us a lot of money, and they turned out beautifully.


As for what I purchased from Etsy, I got the girls a card asking them to be in my bridal party. I found these great ones from MarryGrams. They were $5 a piece, but they were really pretty and high quality. They had a hint of sparkle in the paper and even the envelopes were sparkly. I got them in silver.


I also got some vinyl decals that I planned on putting on water bottles. I was able to personalize them with the girls' names and their title in the wedding. They were from TheTravelingPen on Etsy. They came in perfect condition and were very easy to put on. Even though the picture showed tumblers, they looked great on the water bottles. I ordered them in black and white so they wouldn't clash with the blue water bottles.


I also included a ring pop, paint swatches of the wedding colors, and a tiny bottle of wine for those over 21. I think it all turned out really cute and all of the girls said yes!





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