Your Rehearsal Dinner

June 15, 2016

By Mackenzie Kleinman

One thing that often gets looked over when people talk about wedding planning is the rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner is the night before the wedding and takes place after the wedding party does a ceremony rehearsal. However, usually there are more people included in the dinner than just the wedding party; in my experience, it's usually family, close friends, and out of town guests. There are so many reasons why I personally love the aspect of having a rehearsal dinner.

One reason is you get to see everyone without having to stress saying hi to everyone at your reception. It hard to be able to say "hi" to every distant cousin and every aunt at your reception and also, you don't want to have to. Your wedding day is about YOU and not about having to say "hi"s to people you don't really want to. At the rehearsal dinner you get to knock all of those out in one fell swoop. You have time to sit and chat with those people and then if you don't see them at the reception, it isn't the end of the world.

In addition, I personally think that the rehearsal dinner is a better time for toasts, rather than have them done at the reception. For one thing, it's easier on the toast-er to say a speech in front of fewer people. Along with having fewer people, the atmosphere is just much more intimate and since giving a toast is an intimate thing, it's more appropriate to do it at the rehearsal dinner. Everyone at the rehearsal dinner is close to the ambience is just in itself more casual because you know who you are talking in front of People are more inclined to make them more humorous and personal.

Also, you can have so much more fun with a rehearsal dinner! If you are like me you, then you are thinking of wanting a traditional style wedding, but admire the quirkiness of others. At the rehearsal dinner you can dip your toes into other fun themes. I also love when couples use a subtle rehearsal dinner theme that matches both their personalities or experiences together. For instance, a cousin of mine and her husband had a western themed rehearsal dinner. They took experience from both growing up in Texas going to the University of Texas at Austin and I loved how the theme was a slight nod to their Houston and Dallas roots and college days when they met. They had mini cowboy boots as centerpieces and food was classic Texas style barbecue served by a buffet. It was such a casual setting to be able to see everyone without the stress of the wedding day.

In reality, I would secretly love Game of Thrones or Harry Potter themed wedding. Well, maybe not Game of Thrones; too many red wedding references to count. But with my rehearsal dinner, I can add a few Harry Potter references here and there, but only if my fiance lets me. Which he will because if he doesn't like Game of Thrones then we wouldn't be getting married anyways.

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