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How to Capture the Perfect Sparkler Pictures

June 23rd, 2016

By Mackenzie Kleinman

We tend to be very big proponents of sparkler wedding pictures here at Wedding Sparklers. Whether it's a send-off picture or bride and groom picture, we are behind it! If you have read any of our blog posts, then you have seen that many of them include those type of pictures. I have talked a lot about how these type of sparkler pictures are fantastic and what not, but I haven't done any post that tells you how to take them. Well, this is that post. If you have a wedding photographer take your portraits (something I HIGHLY recommend), I am assuming that they will know how to take them no brainer. Side note: if you have a photographer and plan to do these for your wedding, make sure that your photographer is experienced in taking sparkler pictures. However, maybe you would like to recreate them one day, and here is post to help you out.   

What you will need first and foremost is a DSLR camera with a BULB setting and a tripod. The BULB setting is a low light setting that will also make the shutter easier to function. You are going to want to do this at night or else you won't be able to see the sparks. First on your camera, you will want to change the aperture, or f-stop, to a very high number, making the lens hole smaller (I know it confused me, too). The smaller the hole, the less light enters the lens, making everything in the photograph more focused. On the the websites I have looked at, most recommend a f-stop of 6-10. A higher f-stop will also create a larger depth of field (I highly recommend research and comparing picture with various f-stop settings in order to see what you would be dealing with). Next, you want to make sure that the ISO, or image sensor, is at a low number. This will make your camera less sensitive to light. It is recommended to put the ISO at around 100. Keep in mind the higher the sensitive puts the photo at risk for "noise." "Noise" is the static or grain you may see in some pictures. Lastly, put the shutter speed at 25-30 seconds. You want to write you ever you want while holding the shutter down and ones the models finish their writing, let go of the shutter.

Also, don't forget that you will want to put the focus on "manual" so that your camera isn't constantly trying to focus. An easy way to gauge the focus is to have whoever you are shooting hold their phone shining on their face, focus from there, and shoot like the wind! Again, be prepared to do A LOT of trial and error. All of these settings might not be perfect for your specific camera or setting.

One picture I highly recommend you try to capture is having you and your husband both use a sparkler to draw half a heart to make a whole (aw!). With that, you might want to try spelling out a few words like "love," "just married," or "the (enter last name)." All of these would come out really good! One last picture you should attempt is have you and your husband looking at each other and in some form of embrace and then have a friend run around y'all with a sparkler to create a spiral-cage-like-fairytale deal. 

Now get ready to have most beautiful pictures of you and your husband on your wedding day. Happy photographing!

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2016 Wedding Trends

June 20th, 2016

By Mackenzie Kleinman

We are in the height of wedding season, ladies and gents. This is the time of year when the best wedding trends are starting to appear and we've narrowed down our favorites of 2016. With much deliberation, here is a list of the trends that we have spotted over the past few months.

Long Tables
More and more are people are moving away from traditional eight seater circular tables to different approach. A lot of people are opting for a few long tables, which have a few benefits to them. For one thing, it gives guests more freedom to choose where they sit. With longer tables, people are just assigned to one table so the there no specific people they have to sit near. They can make new friends and you don't have to worry about seating charts. It's a win win situation. Long tables also leave more room for people walk instead of having to bob and weave around a whole bunch of tables. If you don't want to commit to only long tables, there are a ton a brides who choose to mix and match tables. Some rectangular and long, some square and small, and some circular have been seen around weddings.

Succulents have made their way into the hip trendiness and have now made their way into wedding trends. I've seen succulents been used as centerpieces (see alternative centerpiece post), decoration, and even in bouquets and boutonnieres. I think that the plants are just so much more original than flowers and would fit perfectly with an earthy boho wedding.



Pop of Color
With the monochrome color trend still in full speed from 2015 wedding trends, more and more brides are choosing strategic pops of color throughout the wedding. I know, "pop of color" sounds a tad vague. But that's because it is. You have so much freedom to choose what YOUR pop of color is, also making it unique to each bride. Maybe your pop of color is in your bright blue shoes or maybe it's your bright bouquet filled with bright oranges and vibrant pinks. Whatever you choose will be beautiful.


Naked Cake
I am OBSESSED with this trend. If you have ever heard of Momofuku Milk Bar in NYC, then you have seen the mother of all naked cakes, the birthday truffle cake. A "naked" cake, is a cake that have layers with icing between them, but no icing around the cake covering the layers. If you are a bride that isn't a fan of icing but wants the cake, this might be a great option. I promise it doesn't look ugly, naked cakes have a type of natural beauty to them. This cake is perfect for any wedding, from rustic to black tie. 

Sparkler Send-Off
#duh. Sparkler send-off has been a trend for a while now and we don't see it going anywhere anytime soon. There is just something so fun and romantic and leaving through a tunnel of sparklers surrounded by your friends and family. This pictures of a send-off are always amazing and it's a must for your wedding. 


Daring Backs
This wedding dress if something I've always been behind (lol). I have been seeing tons of dresses with bare backs that still look elegant rather than risque. I have seen some with low v in the back or large scoop in the back. I personally love the wedding dress I have seen that are lace, form-fitting, with a high-ish neckline, long sleeves, and the a deep open back.


Unique Guest Books
Recently couples have been choosing to have unique guest books for people to sign instead of the traditional book-and-sign shabang. Some that I have seen include signing a puzzle piece, signing a globe, and even signing a guitar. Having a different kind of guestbook is a great opportunity to have something that you and your fiance both bond over.


Photo Courtesy:

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Food Bars for Your Wedding

June 17th, 2016

By Mackenzie Kleinman  

Honestly, the best type of bars are the ones with food on them, so why not just a food bar at your wedding! Guests love them as appetizers and something to snack while dancing after the main meal. Here are a few food bar stations that I think would be great at any wedding.

Ice Cream Bar

I scream, you know the rest. An ice cream bar would be such a sweet treat for an outdoor summer wedding. On a table set off to the side, have a few basic flavors, like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, along with oodles of toppings set out like sprinkles, chocolate chips, and gummy bears. The only thing about and ice cream bar is that it can get messy. Ice cream drips everywhere, it gets onto peoples stuff, and it's an obnoxious clean up. I suggest hiring one or two people to serve the people who come up to the bar to minimize ice cream drippage.

Candy Bar

We've all heard of Dylann's Candy Bar, but the candy bar at your wedding is going to be way sweeter. Set up a table with towering jars of you and your fiance's favorite types of candy. You can even label the candy by whose pick is whose. Put clear plastic bags at the ends of the table for guest to fill with all the candy. This is such a great idea especially if you are expecting kids at your wedding!


S'mores Bar

If you are having a rustic, outdoorsy wedding, a s'mores bar may be a great option. Set out sterno cans in the center of the table with the traditional s'mores makings: graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows. To keep the toasty camp vibes, have some hot cocoa along with some spiked hot cocoa for the adults to enjoy as well.


DIY Grilled Cheese

This is by far my favorite option. Set up a grilled cheese station with different types of cheese and bread for guests to choose from. Also set out other toppings like tomato, onions, jalapeno, and any others that people might like. Set out cups of tomato soup along with it as the perfect pairing. If you plan to have a longer reception with dinner at the beginning, then this grilled cheese bar might be the perfect idea as a snack station towards the end of the night. People will start to work out an appetite after talking and dancing for hours.


Popcorn Bar

There's a ton of different ways that you could do a popcorn station. One way is to set out popcorn and have different toppings and butter to put on it. One trend that started "popping" up in recent years is flavored popcorn. There's companies that actually sell hundreds of flavors of popcorn from fruit flavored to pickle flavor! Set of different types of popcorn with clear plastic bags. Guests can scoop their favorite flavors and munch on the popcorn throughout the night!




Photo Courtsey

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Your Rehearsal Dinner

June 15th, 2016

By Mackenzie Kleinman

One thing that often gets looked over when people talk about wedding planning is the rehearsal dinner. The rehearsal dinner is the night before the wedding and takes place after the wedding party does a ceremony rehearsal. However, usually there are more people included in the dinner than just the wedding party; in my experience, it's usually family, close friends, and out of town guests. There are so many reasons why I personally love the aspect of having a rehearsal dinner.

One reason is you get to see everyone without having to stress saying hi to everyone at your reception. It hard to be able to say "hi" to every distant cousin and every aunt at your reception and also, you don't want to have to. Your wedding day is about YOU and not about having to say "hi"s to people you don't really want to. At the rehearsal dinner you get to knock all of those out in one fell swoop. You have time to sit and chat with those people and then if you don't see them at the reception, it isn't the end of the world.

In addition, I personally think that the rehearsal dinner is a better time for toasts, rather than have them done at the reception. For one thing, it's easier on the toast-er to say a speech in front of fewer people. Along with having fewer people, the atmosphere is just much more intimate and since giving a toast is an intimate thing, it's more appropriate to do it at the rehearsal dinner. Everyone at the rehearsal dinner is close to the ambience is just in itself more casual because you know who you are talking in front of People are more inclined to make them more humorous and personal.

Also, you can have so much more fun with a rehearsal dinner! If you are like me you, then you are thinking of wanting a traditional style wedding, but admire the quirkiness of others. At the rehearsal dinner you can dip your toes into other fun themes. I also love when couples use a subtle rehearsal dinner theme that matches both their personalities or experiences together. For instance, a cousin of mine and her husband had a western themed rehearsal dinner. They took experience from both growing up in Texas going to the University of Texas at Austin and I loved how the theme was a slight nod to their Houston and Dallas roots and college days when they met. They had mini cowboy boots as centerpieces and food was classic Texas style barbecue served by a buffet. It was such a casual setting to be able to see everyone without the stress of the wedding day.

In reality, I would secretly love Game of Thrones or Harry Potter themed wedding. Well, maybe not Game of Thrones; too many red wedding references to count. But with my rehearsal dinner, I can add a few Harry Potter references here and there, but only if my fiance lets me. Which he will because if he doesn't like Game of Thrones then we wouldn't be getting married anyways.

Be sure to check out our Pinterest page for more fun wedding ideas!

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Mistakes to Avoid With Your Sparkler Send-Off

June 13th, 2016

By Mackenzie Kleinman 


A sparkler send off is such a unique way to exit your wedding. The pictures are always beautiful and all the guest are excited to see you and your husband off. However, there are a few mistakes that people make with their send off, so here are some things to remember when planning your own send off.


1. Getting the wrong type of sparklers

You need to make sure that you are picking the right sparklers for your wedding. Keep in mind that the longer sparklers are going last longer so if you have a lot of guests and a lot of people participating in the send off, you might want to opt for the longer sparklers. Also, sparklers come different colors as well so make sure that you order the color that you want! Here at 76 fireworks we can help you decide on the best sparklers for you.



2. Not having a place for people to put the sparklers after

After the send off is done, your guests will need a place to put the used sparklers. The safest way to dispose of them is to make sure that they are submerged in water before they are thrown away to make sure that any last sparks remaining are put out. I think that the most efficient way to make sure they make it to the water is to have stations of water buckets for guests to drop their sparklers (hot side down!).

3. Not checking with venue

This is one issue a lot of people run into. Some venues may not allow fire products and they may consider the sparklers to be a fire hazard. Make sure that you check with your venue to make sure that they will let you use sparklers for your sendoff!



4. Not supplying lighters/matches

Matches or a lighter is needed for the sparklers to be lit. A great way to incorporate a favor into this is to create match boxes for your guest. Mini matchboxes with you and your husband's' initials and the date of the wedding on a matchbox spill is cheap, cute, and your guests will get immediate use out of the with the sendoff. Stone, meet two birds.



5. Not announcing the time

It might be a tad awkward if you plan a whole sparkler send off but only half your guests show up because they didn't know when it was happening. A way to avoid this is to put a sign or two out during the reception so your guests can see. Also, maybe have several announcements during the reception saying "1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes until sparkler send off!"

6. Not having a photographer

I've seen so many pictures of sparkler send offs or bride and groom pictures that are breathtaking so I highly recommend that your photographer has these pictures as his first priority.


I hope that you have found these suggestions helpful and Spirit of 76 is always happy to help you!

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